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1. The Consignments booked through PocketTrucks only are covered. The insurance is optional and needs to be selected/opted for prior to booking the order on any of the platforms of PocketTrucks.


Loss or damage to the Cargo due to:

a. Fire, lightning, breakage of bridges, collision with or by the carrying vehicle, overturning of the carrying vehicle, accidents of like nature to the carrying vehicle.

b. Burglary/Theft/Non-delivery/Accidental damage while loading/unloading.

c. Flood, Tempest, Strom & Inundation.

3. The Transit within the city limit of Bangalore (Intra-city) & Intercity are only covered.

4. Weight of consignment must not exceed the maximum weight limit for the respective vehicle prescribed in the PocketTrucks Platform and RC Book.

5. Claim will be settled with the Cargo Owner directly by Oriental Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

6. Specific Permission to be obtained for Over Dimensional Cargo before transporting.

7. Consignment must be packaged as per regular customary packaging.

8. Claim intimation should be within 24 hours of the trip start time along with trip details viz., Trip ID, Pickup Location, Delivery Location and location where the damaged consignment is kept for Oriental Insurance Survey/Surveyor’s visit. If the claim is intimated after 24Hours of trip start time, no claim is admissible.

a.Contact Details:

Phone Number : +91 78290 06000

Email Support: support@Pockettrucks.com

Type of Service Rs.500000
Inter City - within 60 Kms Radius 40
Distance of 60 Kms to 100 Kms 130
Distance of 101 Kms to 250 Kms 160
Distance of 251 Kms to 500 Kms 220
Above 500 Kms 400

Note: Including GST 18%

9. The Maximum Insurance coverage limit: Rs.500000/- only

10. Deductibles:

For consignments with value up to Rs. 10,000/- : 0.25% of consignment value subject to a minimum of Rs.1,000/-
For consignments with value above Rs.10,000/- : 0.50% of consignment value subject to a minimum of Rs.3,000/-
As there is no recovery rights, claim will be settled at 80% of assessed loss/admissible claim amount.

11. PREMIUM: Insurance Premium will vary, According to the shipment distance.

The damage to the consignment is to be intimated to PocketTrucks Services Pvt Ltd immediately and the Assessment of loss shall be through one of Oriental Insurance panel surveyors. The claim shall be settled by Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. subject to submission of claim documents, and assessment of loss by the Surveyor.

The claim documents to be submitted:

a. Proof of transit from PocketTrucks Services Pvt Ltd.

b. Immediate claim intimation.

c. Statement by the Truck driver regarding the cause of loss.

d. Description of cargo.

e. Date, time and place of loss/accident.

f. Claim form completed by the Shipper/Customer and PocketTrucks Services Pvt Ltd.

g. Proof of value of loss.

i. RC/DL of the vehicle/driver at the time of accident.

In case of theft /burglary of the consignment, FIR is to be filed with the Police authorities. Any other documents on case to case basis (if required)

The required documents are to be sent to support@pockettrucks.com and PocketTrucks Services Pvt Ltd will forward the claim request to Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. For processing.