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Pockettrucks your relocation buddy

Bangalore is a beautiful city and one of the leading industrial areas. It is also, by far, mostly developed with branches of several big companies opening here.With development comes increased job availability, which leads to relocations from outside and within the city. If you are new to the area, it can be hard to find people to help you with shifting to your new house.

Moreover, with the rising population and traffic in Bangalore, doing it by yourself is impractical and not an easy task. So it is inevitable that you would require the assistance of a transportation services company. But among all the options available to you and, keep in mind, the high demand for such services, who can you trust with your belongings?

If you’re looking for a team that has its focus on customer satisfaction at an affordable rate, then Pockettrucks is your man. We are anonline transportation services company in India that provides assistance during shifting processes. Be it for a household or an office, Pockettrucks is right there, by your side, making your shifting and relocation as comfortable an experience as possible.

Why Us?

We understand shifting places and trusting someone with your belongings is hard. So we give you a simple reason to choose us: SASST

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• Simplicity:

No more wandering around searching for shops. With us, you can book truck services online, at the comfort of your home, through just a few clicks.

• Affordability:

Shifting can be expensive as it is without including the expenses of your items relocated. At Pockettrucks, we understand this and offer our services at a reasonable rate.

• Security:

Worrying about moving your breakable items like glassware and curios is common during relocation. However, you can be assured with us as our experienced packers know how to securely pack your item to prevent any damage.

• Support:

Worried about your shipment? You can reach out to us at anytime. Our customer care executives aim for customer satisfaction and are available for your service round the clock.

Book Lorry Online

• Tracking:

We stand out among all the competition because of our tracking services. You can track your shipment online and know where it is currently and the approximate arriving time.

We can help you with our transportation services

  • Household relocation
  • Vehicle relocation
  • Office relocation
  • Shipping goods from one location to another