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5 Important Benefits of Online Truck Booking

5 Important Benefits of Online Truck Booking
11 December 2018

Road transportation is trending in the Indian market, but it is not organized and fickle at the same time. Transportation of commodities from one place to another is very panic for the shippers because of these 3 factors:

As we have already seen that India is moving into the internet era where Information Technology has already reformed the behavior of the audience towards completing their needs and wants from Grocery to purchasing of electrical and electronics goods.

In India, Road transport industry is believed to be one among the fastest growing field with the 2nd largest network pan World at 4.8 million kilometers. This road network transports more than 50% of all commodities across the country. Therefore, we can easily recognize the need for the movement of commodities is on the high.

Trends will play the important role in redesigning the shape of the unorganized truck market through its perfect implications & by moving in revolutionary changes in the shipper's behavior. Lots of players in the Indian logistics market have already taken the initiation to redesign the structure of the current truck market in India.

Pockettrucks.com is one among the big players in the transportation Industry trying to make the life of the shipper assist by simplifying the process of transportation. It is usually a lengthy process to change the behavior & attitude of the brokers, transporters, shippers, transport agents & other parties related to the transport industry.

With the effect of the latest Information & technology services, the audience will opt the current trends by shifting from the traditional process of Truck booking the trending online process by booking online. Pockettrucks.com here acts as a market mediator whose aim is to arrange the market by importing the modern technology by the way of online media like online E-commerce websites & mobile apps.

Now let us study the 5 important benefits of Online Truck Booking in this current market trend:

Economical Freight Charges

Shippers can get the benefit of getting reasonable charges from the transporters by booking online. IT platforms like eCommerce sites & Mobile apps allow the shippers with access to huge numbers of transport providers in minutes. Shippers can be able to choose the transporters by their wish from the same & can get minimum 25% less cost as compared to the market.

Removal of Middleman Charges

Earlier we have seen that a shipper has to communicate with a large number of brokers for booking their vehicles, this adds the cost to a certain mark. But by using techniques like Pockettrucks.com joins shipper directly with vehicle proprietors.

User-friendly & Time-Saving

By opting the latest trends like online bookings of trucks can be done in a couple of minutes. Shippers can conveniently assign their needs in the particular fields & can get direct admittance to the transporters in seconds. This basically removes the trouble of calling 3 to 4 transporters for charges, Thus it automatically mitigates the process & assists the shipper to look at his crucial works.

Live Tracking Of Commodities

In time delivery is a big concern in our country. Earlier it has been interpreted that shippers have to wait for a long time to get the consignments. In the scenario, they require to make calls to the agents for getting the status of the consignment. Booking through online enables the clients with real-time tracking system whereby the shipper can directly observe the real-time movement of the vehicles & can track the commodities accordingly.

Access To Transportation Records

The shippers can flexibly be connected to their booking history, dates, nature of consignment & other relevant histories which will be maintained in an online database. Therefore, there will not be a requirement of maintaining files & papers for the same. Shippers can quickly connect to the data by easily logging into their respective online account.

IT has made platforms easy & internet has already brought a new reform in the sphere of transportation & the logistics domain in India. Shippers will surely come up in the near future with the IT platforms for their transportation requirements.

Therefore, with the help of online booking, shippers no need to take the assistance of the agents & other transport brokers. They can comfortably make their own plans for each & every factors type of truck, setting the time & date, cost to be set etc.

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